Centreville Ethics Commission

View Calendar As required by Maryland State law (Article 23A Section 2 (a)), and authorized by the Town of Centreville Ordinance (07-2011) there i an Ethics Commission in and for the Town of Centreville, Maryland.  The Ethics Commission is composed of three volunteer members appointed by the Town Council.  Each member serves for a three year term and may be reappointed.  The Chair is elected by the current Commission’s sitting members.


The Ethics Commission is an advisory body for the Centreville Town Council and is charged with issuing advisory opinions when requested, receiving and investigating complaints of ethics violations, hearing testimony and rendering a determination as to violations of Chapter 54 of the Town of Centreville Code.

The Ethics Commission receives and reviews Financial Disclosure Forms from all Town elected officials, candidates for elective public office, certain Town employees, and for all members of Town Boards and Commissions.

The Ethics Commission develops, receives and maintains ethics-related forms authorized and/or mandated by State law or Town Code.



Any person wishing to file a complaint with the Ethics Commission may file a written complaint by downloading the form above or acquiring from the Office of the Town Clerk, during normal business hours (Monday – Friday; 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.).  The Commission will not investigate complaints made anonymously.

Until there is a finding by the Ethics Commission of a violation of Chapter 54, all actions of the Commission regarding a complaint are confidential.

Any person may ask for an advisory opinion on matters of ethical behavior by Town elected officials, employees, or members of Boards and Commissions.  The form to request an advisory opinion may be obtained from the Town Clerk  during normal business hours or downloaded following the link above.

The Ethics Commission certifies annually to the State of Maryland, that the Town of Centreville is in compliance with the State of Maryland Ethics Law.


  • Any interested person may review the Town Ethics Code, financial disclosure forms filed by candidates for office and elected officials, as well as financial disclosure forms for employees and members of Boards and Commissions.
  • Persons may do so during normal business hours at the office of the Town Clerk by completing a Public Information Act (PIA) form.
  • Individuals who file financial disclosure forms have the right to be notified if someone makes a request to review information.


Martha Herman (5/92) 04/18 4/2021
Lucy Ickes-Marks (4/17) 04/17 4/2019
Carrie O’Connor (6/14) 04/17 4/2020
For membership consideration on the Centreville Ethics Commission, please download and complete the application.

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