2017 Centreville Day at a Glance

Volunteers: The event was planned and executed by about a dozen volunteers who met periodically beginning at the end of June to the week of the event.

Attendance: 750 – 1,000 participants

Number of vendors/exhibitors: 49 – food vendors; 10 farmers market vendors; and 31 additional businesses of which: 17 were non-profits/social services agencies; 14 were businesses, and 3 were sponsor tables

Corporate sponsors: 15 corporate sponsors donated $4,600.

Media sponsors: WCEI-FM (provided nearly 50 radio commercials) and Record Observer provided 2, 1/4 page color ads; Bay Times & Record Observer provide 2, 2/5 page color ads.

Fiscal responsibility:  The event cleared its expenses and netted $120.06 which may be used to purchase supplies for next year.

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