Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this work now?
SHA will be resurfacing the roads with asphalt and our water and sewer infrastructure needs replacement. We need to replace them before the state comes through to repave. As many people know, some of the patches that are currently on Commerce Street and Liberty Street occurred immediately following the last SHA paving project. The vibrations from the machines caused Centreville’s aging infrastructure to crack and leak which required the Town to patch the newly paved road.

When will construction begin?
Some prep work has already taken place. Opening Commerce Street to two-way traffic (dualization) and the commencement of the first phase of infrastructure work on Liberty Street is scheduled for January, 2018 and the exact start date is to be determined – weather permitting.

How long will it take?
The infrastructure replacement on Commerce Street and Liberty Street is anticipated to take between 8-9 months per street (16-18 months total).

I live or work on Liberty and Commerce Streets. How will I get home or to work?
In the first two phases of the project, through traffic will be permitted on Commerce Street. In addition, it will be ‘dualized’, providing traffic in both directions. There will be no parking on Commerce Street during the entire time it is dualized. Dualizing the roads will enable the Town to shorten construction by about 6 months.

Liberty Street will be open to local traffic only: residents, businesses, customers, emergency vehicles, trash and recycle pick-up, mail and other deliveries, school buses, etc. Driveways and entrances to residences and businesses will only be inaccessible for a day or two when the construction crew is in front of them. Advance notice will be provided as they approach each driveway or entrance. If you do not have a driveway, you can park on the portion of Liberty Street that is not under construction or check the parking chart here to find the nearest lot.

At the end of every workday the contractors will be returning the road to a passable condition. When Liberty Street is completed, the reverse process will take place on Commerce.

How will I get around Town?
During the Liberty Street construction phases, Commerce Street will be open for two-way traffic and Water Street (between Commerce Street and Belvedere Avenue) will also be open for two-way traffic during this construction period. Cross roads like Fayette, Lawyers Row, Broadway and Academy will be open just as they are now. In fact, getting around Town will be almost the same for you except for the day or two that construction is in front of your home or business. The contractor and the Town’s site inspector will assist you in accessing any buildings immediately affected by that day’s construction.

Where can I park?
There are several public parking lots throughout Town, including the Town municipal lot on Happy Lady Lane next to the Post Office, the District Court parking garage (both decks), as well as the lot behind the fire house. We are also adding parking in the back of the Town-owned property at 105 N. Liberty Street. We have contacted private property owners to possibly provide additional public
parking on their lots downtown. Please visit the Town’s website for updated parking maps.

Will my water get turned off during construction?
Part of the construction project will include new water and sewer laterals to homes and businesses.  During this part of the construction, if your property is on Liberty or Commerce Street, service is  anticipated to be turned off for a minimal time and you will be provided with advance notice. This  construction work will not affect any electrical, cable, internet or telephone lines.

Will my sidewalks and curbs be replaced as part of this project?
A comprehensive rehabilitation of sidewalk and curb improvements is not part of this project. However, in areas where water and/or sewer lateral lines cross the sidewalk and they must be disturbed, they will be replaced. The Town has recently created a sidewalk and trail revolving fund in an effort to rep e, and build sidewalks and trails. We are inventorying the sidewalks throughout Town and will begin to repair and replace them based on a priority system.

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