Centreville Economic Development Authority

View CalendarThe Centreville Economic Development Authority (CEDA) was created in 2013 by the Town Council of Centreville.  CEDA’s main responsibilities are:

  • Execute a periodic inventory of existing businesses; the physical infrastructure, utilities and resources as well as the workforce skills available in association with the Town; survey, assess, and evaluate the potential market demand for business attraction; and analyze the potential opportunities and challenges to successful economic development.
  • Draft and present an Economic Development Plan for approval by the Town Council, working closely with staff and appointed boards, programs and goals of the Town.  The CEDA will update/revise the Plan periodically.
  • Recommend a budget, financial strategies and mechanisms to implement the Plan possibly including creation of a micro loan business assistance fund.
  • Identify, benchmark and track certain metrics for evaluation of progress toward plan implementation.
  • Create a weighting methodology for consideration and evaluation in relation to award of permits, financial resources and/or tax related benefits or incentives to facilitate business attraction and retention within the Town.
  • Report to the Town Council on an annual basis on activities, accomplishments, financial matters and progress toward implementation of the approved Economic Development Plan.

The Centreville Economic Development Plan was completed in 2015 at the direction of the Centreville Town Council with funding support from the Maryland Department of Commerce and the Queen Anne’s County Commissioners.


I. Katherine Magruder – Chair (4/14) 04/17 04/2020
Barry F. Griffith (4/14) 04/15 04/2018
Joe Brown (4/17) 04/17 04/2018
Davis C. Emory (4/14) 04/17 04/2020
Will Hemsley 04/17 04/2019
Chrissy Aull (4/14) 04/15 04/2018
Elaine Studley (7/16) 07/16 04/2019
John J. Cvach (4/14) 04/17 04/2020
Carol D’Agostino    

For membership consideration on the Economic Development Authority, please download and complete the application.

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