Personnel Review Board

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The Personnel Review Board shall hear only such matters as it may be authorized to hear by the Merit System of the Town of Centreville, sometimes referred to as the “Personnel Manual” or “Rules and Regulations Governing Classified Service in and for the Town of Centreville.”

A.  Authorized action. Based upon the decision of a majority of the Board, the recommendations provided to the Town Council of Centreville regarding a personnel action being appealed by the grievance shall be either:

(1) Sustained; or

(2) Overruled.

B.  The Personnel Review Board shall not be empowered to modify any disciplinary sanction, including reinstatement, but may make such recommendations to the Town Council of Centreville.
C.  The Personnel Review Board shall provide to the Town Council of Centreville its findings and recommendations, but all decisions regarding grievances shall be determined by the Town Council of Centreville.


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