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Temporary Closure of Millstream Trail Bridge

The Millstream Trail bridge located at the edge of Chesterfield Cemetery, continues to be closed due to bees.  A private contractor is scheduled to assist the Town on Monday, August 28th to address the bees.

In an effort to protect the safety of all who use the trail, the Town of Centreville has temporarily closed this portion of the trail.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your patience.

Centreville Wharf Park Plans

The Town of Centreville is in the process of renovating the Centreville Wharf Park. Here are the approved plans for the future of the Wharf Park.  The Town has submitted a Community Parks and Playgrounds grant through the Department of Natural Resources for consideration to aid in this endeavor.

Centreville Tree Board

On November 20, 2008, the Town Council of Centreville created the Centreville Tree Board under the jurisdiction and expansion of the Centreville Park Advisory Board. (Ordinance 09-2008)

The Centreville Tree Board was established to promote tree planting and preservation within the town of Centreville and to advise the Town Council and the Town Manager on matters related to trees.

The Centreville Tree Board adopted a tree species list to guide tree planting in Centreville: Recommended List of Trees

Park Use Permit

All individuals, groups, organizations, etc. shall post a $25.00 deposit and any applicable fee, upon executing this agreement. Upon completion of the activity, a site inspection will be held. Should the facility be returned to its original condition, except for normal use, the full deposit will be returned. Refunds, in case of cancellation, will be made if requested.

Liability insurance coverage of $300,000 CSL for the planned activity is required. This can be obtained by contacting your homeowners insurance company and purchase a one day rider. A certificate of insurance must accompany the application. If food is to be sold, a product liability policy will also be required and the applicant must contact the QAC Health Department at 410-758-0720.

Centreville Wharf Boat Slips

For information regarding the Centreville Wharf Boat Slips or to lease a slip, please contact Carolyn Brinkley, Town Clerk at 410-758-1180 or cbrinkley@townofcentreville.org

Pet Waste

Did you know dog waste from 1 large dog can contain 7.8 billion fecal coliform bacteria?

Scooping your pooch’s poop isn’t just a courtesy; it is the healthy and environmentally sound thing to do.  Pet waste has been identified as a significant source of water pollution.  When pet waste is not properly disposed, it can be carried by rain or snow runoff directly into nearby storm drains.

Untreated animal fecal matter and waste can become a source of harmful bacteria and nutrients in water.

Follow these easy steps to be part of the solution to pet waste pollution for the Corsica River and the Chesapeake Bay:

  1. Always bring a plastic bag when you walk your dog.Scoop the Poop
  2. Use the bag as a glove to pick up the pet waste. Scoop up the waste and turn the bag inside out around the waste.
  3. Dispose of the bag in a trash can.
  4. You can also flush un-bagged pet waste down the toilet.
  5. Do not place the bagged or un-bagged pet waste in a storm drain or hose the pet waste towards storm drains as they drain to the Corsica River Watershed.

The Town currently provides three (3) pet waste stations located at the Centreville Wharf, Corsica Street (along the Millstream Trail) and at Millstream Park.

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