Town Parks

Millstream Park Phase One:  Comprising 26.2 acres, this park contains two full playgrounds with swing sets, a multipurpose pavilion, comfort stations, a storm water management best practices station and a kayak/canoe soft launch area.  This park also contains 4,188 feet of the paved Millstream Trail (1.3 miles total as it extends to the Wharf Park 1) and its nature observation decks in the Millstream.  The park includes tidal and upland interfaces so our visitors can enjoy the marshes and wetland life and the upland natural wood buffers.

Millstream Park Phase Two:  With 71.67 acres of some of the most interesting topography in the Town and County, Millstream Park Phase Two is planned and dedicated to outward bound visitors looking for unvarnished hikes along the Millstream from Commerce Street to Taylor Mill Road. This park contains the historical remains of the original Mill and its millrace and sluice that were hand dug in the 18th century.  The Parks Board is planning to work with State Highway Administration archaeologists to unearth and memorialize the Mill Race and its place in the Town’s history.  The Trail itself is planned to be blazed along the contours above the Millstream with rope or timber bridges connecting to the dedicated open space and forest conservation areas set aside by the Providence Farm project.  We are seeking a small parking area from the State Highway Administration’s Sandy Bottom stormwater management/constructed wetland area for a trailhead to service the Phase Two Park.

Corsica Pocket Park 1:   Comprises 7,680 square feet of bulkhead protected waterfront and is anchored by a small gazebo in which we hope to install game board tables for our chess and checker players now having to bring their own gear to the parks.  Creating this as a “Potzer’s Park” will add recreational use to the park.

Corsica Pocket Park 2:  Somewhat larger than its neighbor at 10,800 square feet, this park features a natural shoreline fringe and a larger gazebo which is available to citizens for rent for special events like reunions, family get-togethers and such.

Wharf Park One:  Soon to be the crown jewel of the Centreville Park System, Wharf Park One has been fully designed and approved and is under construction today.  Covering 2.433 acres of prime Corsica River navigable water frontage, this park contains a playground, kayak/canoe hard launch with a full length bulkhead and boardwalk serving 10 rental slip holders and transient docking areas and  handicapped accessible restroom facilities.  Design plans include a band shell/ multi-use pavilion, picnic shelters, expanded playground and perimeter walks that tie to the Millstream Trail System.

Wharf Park Two: Comprising 3.90 acres, this park continues the public access to tidal waters and features plans for wetland reconstruction, adjunct parking, and trail extension to the Chesterfield Farm.   In addition, a Natural Play Spaces playground is contemplated in this Park that links with the wetland feature to promote greater awareness of the Eastern Shore environment and its fragility.

BayScapes Park:  Features a constructed garden of indigenous native plants that form a planting palette recommended for use throughout Maryland’s Critical Areas. This park lies just south of the northernmost convergence of Commerce and Liberty Streets and contains 32,000 square feet of land.  This Park also contains the welcome and messaging boards promoting the Centreville Farmer’s Market and other community events.

Gravel Run Park: Comprises 2.41 acres of stream and over-bank known as Gravel Run.  This park has recently been the location of an acclaimed project that removed a function-less concrete dam and restored the stream to its original courses. The goal was to restore the historical fish migration and spawning areas. Future efforts to improve this Park are contingent of the future of the Public Works Yard.

“Pop” Taylor Park: Eponymous honoring Dr. Leon Taylor, a well-loved educator and mentor in Centreville, this park comprises 3,876 square feet of landscaped memorial area with a gazebo and bench.  This park represented another opportunity to beautify the entrance to our downtown.

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