Public Works

The Department of Public Works manages and maintains the Town’s infrastructure including Streets and the town Cemetery including its Parks, and manages the Town’s Water and Sewer utility services.

Spray Field Tree Maintenance

The Town of Centreville has leased part of its spray field for a solar array. The solar array will be surrounded by a tree buffer, which will generally be maintained by the Town. This buffer may have to be trimmed, from time to time, by the operator of the solar array to prevent shade from blocking the sunlight on the solar panels. Trees and other vegetation within this buffer may also be pruned, from time to time, by electric utilities to accommodate electric distribution lines from the solar array.

Public Works Staff

  • 2013 Kip Matthews (2)

    Clifford “Kip” Matthews, Jr.
    Director of Public Works

  • pic_crossley

    David Crossley
    Water Superintendent

  • Sam Bozarth
    Water/Wastewater Operations Supervisor

  • pic_lord

    William Lord
    Crew Leader

  • pic_winborne

    John Winborne
    Utility Worker II

  • pic_wilson

    William Wilson
    Utility Worker II

  • Earl

    Earl Saylor
    Utility Worker I

  • Mike-2

    Mike Meadow
    Utility Worker I



    Connolly Gannon
    Utility Operator

  • Everett Kennedy
    Utility Operator

  • Robert Bradley
    W/WW Operator III

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