About the Town of Centreville

The Town of Centreville is the county seat and the County’s largest incorporated municipality.  The Town hosts state, county, and municipal government services as well as many historic sites, shops, service businesses, and unique restaurants, serving local residents as well as transient and a rural regional clientele.  The Town is located at the head of navigation of the Corsica River, a tributary of the Chester River.

Centreville has evolved slowly over the years as a traditional small town with numerous public buildings, several public school facilities, a compact central business district, quiet tree-lined residential neighborhoods, Town parks, and commercial/industrial uses along the railroad spur and major roadways leading into Town.  The Centreville Historic District was included in the National Register of Historic Places in 2004.    The District includes six structures that are individually listed on the National Register.  Just to name a few:

  • The Queen Anne’s County Historical Society (QACHS), founded in 1960, is located in the Tucker House on Commerce Street.  Built circa 1794, Tucker House is one of the oldest houses in Centreville, standing on the second lot to be sold when the Town of Centreville was laid out in 1792 for the new county seat.  QACHS also owns Wright’s Chance, an early plantation house, located on Commerce Street and built circa 1744.
  • The County Circuit Courthouse is the oldest courthouse in Maryland still in continuous use and draws many visitors interested in its history, if not the proceedings inside.  It remains a valuable and essential focal point of our downtown area.

Millstream Park is located on the south end of town and provides play structures, a pavilion, basketball court, benches, sidewalk connections, entrance walls, a paved walking trail and many trees.  Nearly all of this work was completed with grant funding from the State of Maryland.  Future plans call for extending the trail to the Business Park and Symphony Village as well as making additional trail connections to North Brook and Providence Farm.

The Centreville Wharf and Waterfront are open to the public to provide access to the Corsica River and boasts a 450 foot boardwalk including two observation/fishing platforms and 5 finger piers with ten boat slips.  Also is 270 feet of living shoreline with a pervious paver walkway and wetlands restoration.  A floating kayak launch has also been installed for anyone interested in exploring the many water trails in the area.  In addition, two pocket parks are located adjacent to the Queen Anne’s County landing and include a gazebo, pavilion, and parking.

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